Mission Statement

The Howard Lee Institute is committed to providing the tools and resources for our children, communities and educators to succeed. Our Mission: To partner with parents, schools and communities to ensure at-risk middle and high schools students have equitable access to high quality educational experiences and graduate from high school prepared to succeed in college, career, and life.

Founder’s Message

Welcome to the Howard N. Lee Institute. I invite you to join with me and hundreds of volunteers, community leaders, business leaders, faith leaders, parents, education leaders and students who are committed to help raise the performance of students and strengthen our schools.

During the last 25 years, North Carolina has raised the performance of our schools from being ranked near the bottom nationally to a top-tier position. However, there are still too many low performing schools and too many students graduating unprepared for college or a career. There are also other challenges, such as an unacceptable dropout rate and the high cost of remediating too many students attending a community college or university.

On the other hand, too many of our at-risk talented and gifted students are lost because they don’t have the support and resources to sustain their confidence about their future. Therefore, I urge you to accept my invitation to engage with me, because together we can make a difference in the lives of these students. Working together we can find ways to ensure that every student in every community, regardless of geographic location, has access to a great educational experience.

I founded the Howard N. Lee Institute to organize and mobilize stakeholders and citizens in every community across North Carolina to muster the political will to find ways to insure that all students are successful regardless of the schools they attend. It is my hope that this movement will motivate and energize citizens of all ages, of all ethnic groups, of all education levels to work together. It is the schools responsibility to instruct students, and it is the parents and community’s responsibility to engage with the schools to educate them and insure every student is successful. Casting blame will not solve our dilemma, but coordinated and collaborative action will make a difference.

The Institute will provide many opportunities for students and will expand their minds and encourage them to believe in themselves and their future. The Institute will provide resources and support to parents, local organizations, schools, but most of all students. We will work closely with institutions of higher education to connect with local schools, to provide support for teachers and administrators. In spite of all these other efforts, you are the real key to the success of our students and improving the educational opportunities for all our children.

I encourage you to let me hear from you. If you are willing to answer the call, please contact us through our contact form to let us know that you are willing to share your time, talent or resources to make a difference in the lives of our students. — Howard N. Lee, Founder & President

Board of Directors

Howard N. Lee   *  Val Atkinson  *  Charles Coble  *  Susan Harrison  *  Kay Landry
Robert Landry  *  Larry Mabe  *  Andre Peek  *  Marshall Stewart